SHS Founder 
  Christian Andres Dorsch

Christian is extremely passionate about defining, building, and communicating the true company image and brand. He has an amazing intuition for strategic networking and is an integral part of pro-active team building and identifying beneficial resources. With extensive experience in business- management, brand development, marketing, and consulting backed by a savvy B.S. in medical technology from Michigan State University, Christian’s focus is to provide “Client and Service Centric” solutions within hospitality and Commercial Real Estate business opportunities. Christian’s mission is to provide his Clients and Partners, the opportunity to excel in business, community, and life by utilizing existing relationships and expertise. By utilizing these relationships, this will develop and sustain business opportunities, which will provide both financial and goodwill benefits.

Don’t join an easy crowd, you won’t grow. Go where the expectations and demands to perform are high.” - Jim Rohn

Chief Marketing Officer
      William Cleveland
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